September 2015

I first met Mr. William Audrick in the fall of 2014, when he taught a class at my communities Housing Resource Center. I met him again in April of 2015 at a Housing Fair where He was promoting his company Renew Contracting. I chose Mr.Audrick’s company when his website showed a door conversion to a pocket door; that was just what I needed for my bathroom remodel!

Mr. Audrick listened to my style wishes and guided me through the process. He offered me information and suggestions and made the changes that I asked for, often with very little prior notice. He was considerate and willing to please me. He and his work team were thoughtful, friendly and business focused. Mr. Audrick actually taped off space on the floor and walls to prove to me visually the height, depth and width an oversized sink I wanted would occupy in my small bathroom, he was correct, it was too big.
I now have a beautiful, proportionate remodeled bathroom.

Mr. Audrick also helped in providing a solution for a medical issue that had surfaced during the discussion period of remodeling my bathroom. My bedroom had been determined to have high levels of formaldehyde in the air, which caused allergic reactions. Removal of carpeting and installing formaldehyde free hardwood flooring along with new insulation was deemed necessary. Mr. Audrick found hardwood flooring that would meet the criteria, even calling the manufacturer to determine its safety.

He and his team did an excellent job with this project as well. The product and labor cost were reasonable for both jobs and I am pleased with the results. I plan to use Mr. Audrick and Renew Contracting on upcoming home improvement projects.

Sharon Sudberry

March 4, 2009

Re: Letter of Recommendation for Bill Audrick

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Karen O'Neill and I am submitting this letter of recommendation on behalf of Bill Audrick.

I hired Bill in 2006 after having a contractor nightmare. He came to me when I was faced with a disaster that another contractor had created. My home was no longer livable and the City would not allow me to live there until it was repaired. That's where Bill came in. He treated me with such kindness and understanding realizing that I was in a disastrous mess. He spent many hours with me and my architect to make sure he could do the job and do it to my satisfaction.

Bill was always professional and was a direct communicator in orchestrating the remodeling of my home and he was very knowledgeable about building codes in the city where I lived. Whenever I called Bill with a question he was quick to respond and he continues to stand behind his work. His crew was courteous and friendly and was always willing to please me and my expectations.

I have no reservations regarding Bill's capacity to perform professionally and I recommend Bill as a contractor.

Karen O'Neill

To Whom It May Concern:

Bill Audrick of Renew Contracting has distinguished himself in performing renovations on our property. My wife and I are extremely pleased at not only the high degree of workmanship but also in the attitude and behavior of the sub-contractors working for him.

Some of the work performed included: tear out and removal of warped and moldy paneling, mold removal, waterproofing and sealing cinder blocks, dry walling and painting, installing 220 volt lines, plumbing replacement and repair, deck reconstruction, installation of a complete bathroom in the basement, roof and chimney repair, custom made window screens, and many other small projects too numerous to mention.

Three of the five weeks that he was in our home, he had to work around us. He had two weeks before our moving in to make this long vacant property livable. While I realize that work would have gone faster and easier with us not blocking areas with furniture and boxes, Mr. Audrick and his crew were very respectful and tolerant.

I am pleased to recommend him for any contracting job, large or small. He demonstrated a high level of skill and understanding in all phases of our project.

Levito & Carolyn Hill

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